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Masked Crusaders say ENGINES OFF!

November 8th 2019

Polution around schools is a real problem for our children and we are always looking for ways to tackle it. We joined the campaign because we want people to turn their engines off rather than letting idling engines polute our air. In the week before half term we had an assembly about engine idling, and spoke to the children about why it’s not good, and how we can all tackle it. Over half term the children made their own fun ‘anti-pollution masks’ out of recycled material-look in a handy ‘How to’ guide in book bags.

On Friday 8th November, the children used their masks to transform into ‘Masked Crusaders’ against engine idling, along with children in other schools across London.

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Lots happened while you were away

Summer works 2019

The mound has finally been removed and replaced with a beautiful lawned area. It will still be a while before it is ready to use, but we think it looks fantastic.

The mound has gone!

Haringey council worked with Jason and Kulvinder over the summer to make sure all works were completed ready for the start of term. As well as the new grass, we also have new fencing and planting around the reception and nursery playgrounds. We also installed new flooring and redecorated all three reception classrooms ready for the new children in September.


School Memories Week

Theme Week October 2019

Thank you to all our lovely parents and family members who came in to school to share their school memories with the children.

The children also learned about history beyond living memory with trips to Bruce Castle Museum. We also had Victorian classrooms, country dancing and traditional games here in school. It was a lot of fun and we hope the week inspired some school memories for the children to cherish when they are older.

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