School Improvement Priorities
At Rokesly Every Child Matters in Every Way

Your child deserves the best.
To get the best outcomes we must have the best systems and the best standards – measurable and accountable – to emonstrate excellence. We have ambitious expectations for all.

Here are our School Improvement Priorities for 2018-19:
School Priority 1

Further improve Maths teaching and learning to ensure children have opportunities to develop reasoning skills and achieve GDS

  • Nurture strong partnerships that allow staff to access resources, training and support to further develop outstanding practice in Maths (Maths HUB, HEP and NLC)
  • Have a Maths curriculum that gives opportunities for pupils to develop reasoning skills
  • Successfully prepare KS1 pupils for the KS2 Maths curriculum at all levels of attainment, especially the most able and those working at GDS
  • Give pupils opportunities to explore skills through investigative and practical maths
  • Collect evidence of pupils working at GDS available for moderation and assessment
  • Make sure pupils continue to exceed National and Local expectations at KS1Pupils continue to exceed National and Local Good Level of Development in EYFS
  • Ensure all pupils continue to make at least good progress from their starting points
School Priority 2

Improve outcomes for all identified vulnerable pupils, including disadvantaged pupils and with a focus on our Black and Minority Ethnic pupils

  • Measurable improvements in a range of outcomes for children we identify as being ‘vulnerable ‘ to underachievement
  • Keep a regular check on progress and achievement for our identified groups of children
  • Hold half-termly meetings to review progress and plan any further action for Vulnerable pupils that identify and tackle gaps and continue to have ambitious expectations for all
  • Ensure interventions and pupil support is effective
  • Ensure more vulnerable pupils have access to opportunities and experiences that enable them to develop skills outside of the classroom
  • Engage effectively with parents to improve outcomes for their children
  • Governors have overview of BME and Disadvantaged pupils and review actions termly

A Sutton Trust survey has found that disadvantaged pupils are “significantly less likely” to take up extracurricular activities than those from wealthier backgrounds.

School Priority 3

Further enhance the curriculum to improve outdoor learning and play opportunities for all pupils

  • Maximise opportunities for out of class learning across the school, increasing opportunities for physical activity and learning through play
  • Ensure staff are confident in using our outdoor environments for teaching and learning (CPD, Forest School)
  • Make sure all children access our outdoor environment regularly and routinely as part of an outstanding curriculum so they are able to build skills and knowledge across all curriculum areas.
  •  Ensure our outdoor areas are effectively resourced to maximise use (Grants and fundraising,. Support from our Link schools)
  • Make sure children develop essential skills for learning and life, supporting ‘readiness’ for next stages in education
  • Pupils learn independently with increased motivation, raised standards and accelerated progress
Shared Junior and Infant Schools Priorities

Every year we work together across both schools to identify opportunities to share outstanding practice, co-ordinate strategies for areas of school improvement and pool resources to ensure staff receive essential training

Develop complimentary maths strategies as part of an outstanding curriculum

Develop maths teaching and learning to ensure that infant children are fully prepared for expectations in KS2

Actively nurture links between the schools and others in our locality and involvement in projects that support us in improving outcomes for identified vulnerable pupils

Achievement at Rokesly 2018

We are incredibly proud of the achievements of all our children at Rokesly.

Across our Reception classes last year 78% of Rokesly children achieved a Good Level of Development (Haringey 76% and national 72%) which is an indicator that children are successful in all areas of the curriculum and are ready to access the
next stage of their learning.

In Year 2 82% of Rokesly pupils achieved at or above age expectations in Reading
(Haringey 77% and National 75%)

75% of pupils achieved at or above expectations in Writing
(Haringey 74% and National 70%)

81% of pupils achieved at or above expectations in Maths
(Haringey 78% and National 76%)

92% of pupils achieved the expected standard in Science
(Haringey 84% and National 83%)

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