School Clubs

We have a wide variety of clubs on offer at Rokesly Infant School. Lunchtime clubs are for Year 1 and Year 2 children and are run by school staff. Numbers are limited for these clubs. Each half term, the children in each class are invited to join and the children are chosen fairly from those who express an interest. We change clubs each half term to ensure as many children as possible have the opportunity to take part. After school clubs are run by staff or external providers from 3.30 to 4.30pm. Staff-run after school clubs are organised in the same way as lunchtime clubs, but there may be a small fee for materials. Other clubs are organised by the provider who make direct contact with parents and carers. The provider sends out an offer letter for these clubs every term. These clubs are charged, but are not usually limited to numbers so that more children have an opportunity to take part.

Lunchtime Clubs:

Monday lunchtime

  • Year 2 Ukele Club with Hazel
  • Year 1 Motor-skills Club with Pat

Wednesday Lunchtime

  • Year 2 Choir with Marisa

Thursday Lunchtime

  • Year 1 and 2 Games Club with Jill
  • Year 1 Motor-skills Club with Pat

Friday Lunchtime

  • Year 1 Card-making Club with Amanda
After School Clubs:


  • Year 1 Multisports – Kickabout Sports – £72 per term


  • French club – Lingostars – £84.50 per term
  • Year 2 Dodgeball – Kickabout Sports – £72 per term
  • Year 2 Young Explorers with Yael 


  • Wheelchair Basketball club with Amir – £60 per term


  • Year 2 Football Club – Kickabout Sports – £72 per term
  • Year 2 Arts and Crafts with Becca – £1 per session
  • Year 2 Cooking with Marisa – £1 per session 
  • Spanish club – Lingostars – £84.50 per term

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