Rokesly Nursery
Rokesly Nursery provision for 3-4 year olds

Welcome to  Rokesly’s fantastic purpose-built nursery. The classrooms are big and bright with a lovely outdoor area which looks out onto the rest of the school. Each class is divided into different areas with clearly-labelled resources to ensure easy access for the children. There are ‘wet’ areas, for things like sand, water, painting and modelling; and  ‘dry’ areas for construction, role play, reading, mark-making, games, counting and sorting. The children have access to computers, too. Each class also has a carpet area which we use for playing ring games, dancing, stories and rhymes. It is the place where we sit every day, to have fruit, to sing and talk together!

Our outdoor area is set up by us to mirror the indoor provision so that your child, who may prefer being outdoors, will have access to the same learning opportunities.

To assist us when planning for your children’s learning, we use the Foundation Stage Curriculum. It sets out the areas of learning through which we plan a range of activities and provision aimed at developing the whole child. We plan by playing with, and observing the children to find out their needs and interests. We use the information we find to decide what to set out and teach on a daily, weekly and half – termly basis.

Provision is constantly changing so as to provide lots of opportunities for the children to re-enforce their learning through self initiated, free choice and ‘adult focus’ activities. We also build our timetable to include cooking, using the hall and getting out to explore our vegetable and wildlife garden regularly.

Rokesly Nursery is a fun, creative and friendly environment where the children are supported to play together, making them feel settled and happy to come to learn. We all play a part in making your child’s education a safe and happy one. Please share your child’s interests, experiences and successes with us. We can celebrate these things with them so as to make them feel proud and confident in school. Sharing books, music and artefacts from home all help to create a link that makes your child feel safe and supported.

Once your child is settled, we welcome your help and expertise in class. You may want to cook, garden, play games with the children, support an activity, bring in an instrument, or special story, or just help tidy up! Any help is much appreciated. The Head Teacher holds a volunteer induction meeting at the beginning of the school year which volunteers must attend. All volunteers must have relevant checks to work in school, which we will help you with at the meeting.

This term our volunteer induction meeting is on xxxxxx at 9.10am in Diamond room. Look out for more information in our school newsletters. Please see the Volunteers in School page.

It is important that your child feels settled in their first year of education and care outside the home. Please, do not hesitate to approach us should you have any queries or need any support. A happy parent makes a happy child too!

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