Term Dates

The dates below are set in agreement with Rokesly Junior School in line with Haringey’s suggested dates for schools as a guide to parents. The dates may be subject to change. The dates given include school holidays and the agreed teacher availability days when school will also be closed to children.

Term Dates 2022-23

Teacher Availability Days (TADs) – school closed to children

Thursday 1st, Friday 2nd September 2022

Monday 31st October 2022

Tuesday 3rd January 2023

Monday 5th June 2023


Autumn (1st half) Thursday 1st September 2022 – Friday 21st October 2022
(NB: Children start on Monday 5th September)
Half term Holiday Monday 24th October 2022 – Friday 28th October 2022
Autumn (2nd half) Monday 31st October 2022 – Friday 16th December 2022
School Holiday Monday 19th December 2021 – Monday 2nd January 2022
Spring Term (1st half)

Wednesday 4th January 2023 – Friday 11th February 2023

(NB: Children start on Wednesday 4th January)

Half Term Holiday Monday 13th February 2023 – Friday 17th February 2023
Spring  Term (2nd half) Monday 20th February 2023 – Friday 31st March 2023
School Holiday Monday 3rd April 2023 – Friday 14th April 2023
Summer Term (1st half) Monday 17th April 2023 – Friday 26th May 2023
Half term Holiday Monday 29th May 2023 – Friday 2nd June 2023
Summer Term (2nd half)

Monday 5th June 2023 – Friday 21st July 2023

(NB: Children start on Tuesday 6th June 2023)

School Holiday

Friday 24th July 2023 – Thursday 31st August 2023


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