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♥We are in this together – even when we are all apart♥

Home learning resources for children

During the current National crisis, children identified as close contacts of children and adults who have tested positive for Covid-19 will be expected to stay away from school for a period of isolation.

When this happens, the school will provide the children with access to Remote learning resources as outlined in our contingency plan here

 During isolationour child’s teacher will send work and instructions by email every day. Please make sure we have your correct contact details including email addresses. 

The DfE guidance about supporting your child’s learning can be found here:

The Department for Education (DfE) has worked with the BBC and other partners to provide advice and support directly to parents, including online resources they can access for their children at home. These newly published resources can be found here:

School staff have been busy working to provide some educational materials for Rokesly children to use at home. These include KS1 and Reception work books, along with your log-in to Purple Mash resources and Abacus for KS1.

Activities have been assigned to all Year 1 and Year 2 classes. Parents/children will need to click on the ‘2Dos‘ tab to access the activities. When you have completed a task, your class teacher will be sent a notification.

These online resources are the ones we use in class, and should help you to support your child’s learning during isolation.

It is important for you and your child to have reasonable expectations about the kind of learning activities you will be able to do at home together. This handy factsheet may be useful:

 How To Support Home Learning Parent Factsheet – The Key

To help you with home learning activities during the crisis, we have provided useful and age-appropriate links to online learning resources, videos and games for you to use with your child. Please also check your class page for links to materials.

Messages and tasks from class teachers

During this period of National closure of schools, we thought it would be good time to stay in touch, check on how you are doing and share some of our news with you. Please see below for messages from your class teachers

Home learning week 1

Nursery 27/3/20          Gold class 27/3/20        Yellow class 27/3/20        Silver class 27/3/20

Orange class 27/3/20          Rainbow class 27/3/20          Green class 27/3/20

Blue class 27/3/20               Purple class 27/3/20              Red class 27/3/20


Home learning week 2 and Easter

Nursery 3/4/20

Reception 3/4/20

Phonics: Keep practising your sounds by joining in with saying the sounds on these videos a few times during the week

Orange class 3/4/20           Rainbow class 3/4/20             Green class 3/4/20

Blue class 3/4/20                Purple class 3/4/20                 Red class 3/4/20

Year 2 Home Learning grid 3/4/20


Rokesly readers

I hope you have all been reading to a grown-up every day. Make sure you have read your book, just like us. I am looking forward to hearing all about the wonderful stories you have been reading. Keep it up!

Home learning week 6

We have loved talking to you on the phone and hearing all about your home learning. Keep up the great work this week, too!

Nursery 13/5/20

EYFS Home learning activities 5 – Nursery and Reception

Reception Home Learning grid 13/5/20

Phonics and writing guidance for Nursery and Reception parents

Year 1 Home Learning grid 13/5/20

Year 2 Home Learning grid 13/5/20

The Iron Man: Chapter 4 – read by Tracy

We are aware that there is an issue at the moment with accessing White Rose Maths. The links below are for this week’s lesson pages

Lesson 1      Lesson 2      Lesson 3      Lesson 4

Please bear with us and we will fix the problem as soon as possible. Thank you

Home learning week 8

We have loved talking to you on the phone this week and hearing all about how you are getting on at home.

Nursery 3/6/20

EYFS Home learning activities 7 – for Nursery and Reception children

Reception Home Learning grid 3/6/20

The Emperor’s New Clothes read by Caroline

The song of a cuckoo

Year 1 Home Learning grid 3/6/20

Year 2 Home Learning grid 3/6/20

White Rose Maths – The links below are for this week’s lesson pages:

Lesson 1      Lesson 2      Lesson 3      Lesson 4    Science – How to grow a rainbow

Home learning week 9

Nursery 10/6/20

EYFS Home learning activities 8 – for Nursery and Reception children

Reception Home Learning grid 10/6/20

It has been really lovely to welcome back our Reception children this week. The children got used to our new routines quickly and were glad to see all their friends. To see how they all got on, see our gallery 

The Very Hungry Caterpillar read by Katarina

Rumplestiltskin read by Caroline

Year 1 Home Learning grid 10/6/20

Rainbow class message       Green class message       Orange class message

Year 2 Home Learning grid 10/6/20

Blue class message       Purple class message       Red class message

White Rose Maths – The links below are for this week’s lesson pages:

Lesson 1      Lesson 2      Lesson 3      Lesson 4    Science – Dancing raisins!

This week, Hazel has posted a specail treat for any of you who have celebrated birthdays during lockdown – a lovely steel pan version of HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Click the link and sing along


Home learning week 11

Nursery 24/6/20

EYFS Home learning activities 10 – for Nursery and Reception children

Reception Home Learning grid 24/6/20

Reception message

 The Very Busy Spider read by Yael

Year 1 Home Learning grid 22/6/20

For a message from Year 1 see the gallery here

Year 2 Home Learning grid 22/6/20

Year 2 message

White Rose Maths – The links below are for this week’s lesson pages:

Lesson 1      Lesson 2      Lesson 3      Lesson 4      Homonyms sheet

Sleep Well Siba and Saba read by Adjoa Andoh –  Grant says “Just like Siba and Saba I always seem to be losing things. I hope I can stop worrying about lost things and look forward instead to the special things I will see, and even the lucky things I might find! This is one of my favourite stories read by one of my favourite story tellers.  I hope you enjoy it.”

Home learning week 12

EYFS Home learning activities 11 – for Nursery and Reception children

Reception Home Learning grid 1/7/20

 Avocado Baby  read by Marisa

Year 1 Home Learning grid 1/7/20

Pete the Cat activity

Year 2 Home Learning grid 1/7/20

White Rose Maths – The links below are for this week’s lesson pages:

Lesson 1      Lesson 2      Lesson 3      Lesson 4

Time capsule activity               Correct the spellings activity              Fun Friday Good As New 2020

This week we are sharing some resources that parents have requested to help them talk about race, identity and Black Lives Matter.

Parent’s Guide To Black Lives Matter             BAME themed books for children

Home learning week 13 – Final week of Summer term

This week is the final week of Home Learning before the Summer holiday. Well done to all of you for working so hard at home and doing interesting and exciting learning activities.

Parents – You have been amazing!    Children – You have been astounding!

We are really looking forward to seeing all of you on Monday 7th September 2020 for the start of a new school year. In the meantime, keep reading, keep tackling number problems and keep finding out about our fascinating world. If you get a chance, SEND ME A POSTCARD and let me know something interesting you have done – it might be visiting a grandparent you haven’t seen since lock-down or just having a water fight in the park. Whatever it is you get up to in the Summer holiday, write about it and let me know! – Grant

Nursery Home Learning 8/7/20

EYFS Home learning activities 12 – for Nursery and Reception children

Reception Home Learning grid 8/7/20

Year 1 Home Learning grid 8/7/20

Dear Year 2 – a letter from the Year 2 team

Year 2 Home Learning grid 8/7/20

White Rose Maths – The links below are for this week’s lesson pages:

Lesson 1      Lesson 2      Lesson 3      Lesson 4

Colour hunt activity

Summer activities 2020

As the summer holidays begin at Rokesly, we have decided that all of the previous Home Learning links will continue to be available. When we learn of new activities, events and recommended links to support your child over the holiday, we will post them here for your convenience.

Haringey Summer Fun lets you know about locally run activities for children. There is also a live What’s On page which will be updated as more activities become available.

EYFS Home learning activities 13 – for Nursery and Reception children

Lingotots have a special 10% discount for Rokesly families for their Summer School (code Lingo10) 

Resources for everyone Free resources one month access  3h per day activities – any device Free online reading books

Join us every morning from 9am to 9.30 for a live PE session:

Busy Things have made the resource available to all learners from LGfL Schools, even those who do not have a USO Login. Click here to find out more
Your child will be interested in a CBBC special on our friends in the Greig City Academy sailing team.
Team members have been past special guests at Rokesly assemblies.
You can see them talk about their last Fastnet Race here:


New Rokesly Art Page!

Each week I will post a challenge for all you budding home artists. To find out more, follow the link below:

We are making our Espresso resources available for parents to use at home. They offer a wealth of flexible resources for all ages:

Log in at:

When visiting the discovery education website, click “Login” from the top-right of the page and select Espresso to enter the following credentials:

Username – student20805

Password – rokesly

Audible are offering a huge range of free audio books for children

Resources for the Early Years
Nursery and reception parents and carers – Please use the links to download our EYFS resource sheets
IT support for parents
Turning Old Kit into Chromebooks  LGfL have partnered with Google to provide free licences for Neverware CloudReady software, which turns old laptops into fully functioning Chromebooks. This will be particularly helpful to ensure an old device is capable of accessing the range of resources available through your lgfl school account.  To find out more visit  

Safeguarding Advice  LGfL has pulled together advice and guidance for parents to ensure children work safely at home. This information can be found at  

In these exceptional times, Lingotot is introducing Online Classes to keep children engaged while staying at home for the next 3 weeks. Pupils will have the opportunity to improve their pronunciation and widen their vocabulary in a fun way! Sessions are £6.50 per family and include fun  stories and interactive games covering topics such as: Foods, Seasons, Fantasy, Sports, Hobbies, Planets and Superheroes.
We hope to see you soon! Please find our programme below:

Spanish and French Clubs for Ages 6 to 11:

Spanish and French Clubs for Nursery and Reception:

We also offer weekly classes for younger children:

A confirmation email will be sent to you with a link  to access the meeting room 15 minutes before the start of the lesson. Please download the Zoom App in advance and prepare pencils and paper.
You may also find these YouTube Channels recommended by other Rokesly parents useful:
– Crash Course Kids
– Science Channel
– SciShow Kids
– National  Geographic Kids
– Free School
– Geography Focus
– TheBrainScoop
– SciShow
– Kids Learning Tube
– Geeek Gurl Diaries
– Mike Likes Science
– Science Max
– SoulPancake

A book about Coronavirus

Award winning children’s illustrator Axel  Scheffler has helped create a book for children that helps them understand the topic of Coronavirus.

Please click the link below to access PDF file of the full story. Please read it with your child and pass the link on to anyone you feel would find it useful to read with their family.

North London Families - lockdown edition

North london families are offering a FREE digital magazine in lieu of not being able to get their print magazine to the community.

This issue gathers together, in one place, the best resources and advice to help parents manage the next few weeks.

Returning to school from Monday 8th June

Some children may be anxious about returning to school. This poster has helpful ideas and talking points that parents can use to prepare their children for a return to school

Remember that its important to strike a balance between time spent online on a computer, tablet or a mobile phone and participating in other activities. So think about some other things you could be doing throughout the day. These might include:

  • reading a book
  • playing a game
  • solving a puzzle
  • completing a jigsaw
  • cooking
  • drawing, colouring, painting or weaving
  • resting

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