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Welcome to Rokesly’s Reception Year classes.
Parent Video: Tips to Support starting reception during COVID-19

We are looking forward to seeing all our new children in September 2020 and I’m happy to shre some resources with you that might be useful to support your child’s transition form Nursery to Reception

The Educational Psychology Service has produced a 10 minute video for parents of children starting school in September (during COVID-19).
This is the hyperlink:
It contains 7 top tips that parents can follow to support your children  in making a smooth transition into their new reception class.
The video follows on from the leaflet for parents you can download here
Both the video and leaflet were developed to support parents and children who due to COVID-19 have not been able to benefit from the usual transition to school processes.
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Welcome to Rokesly’s amazing Reception classes! We do everything we can to ensure that the children in our Reception classes are happy, confident and safe. This is reflected in the outdoor learning space and in the classroom itself. The ever changing layout of our classrooms are linked to the children’s needs and interests. We have a lovely bright classrooms, divided into different areas, with clearly-labelled resources to ensure easy access for the children. This leads onto an outdoor playground which children have free access to in all weathers. This is so that those who prefer to be outside may have the same learning opportunities as those who play inside.

Our Reception classes are very child centred and this is evident in our planning, which is based on our observations of the children, their interests and their further development. We have a great outside area where children are supported as they learn through explorative play. This leads onto an outdoor playground which children have free access to in all weathers. This is so that those who prefer to be outside may have the same learning opportunities as those who play inside.

We cover a broad curriculum, following Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage. This is split into seven areas of learning, three Prime areas and four Specific areas. The Prime areas are Personal, Social, Emotional Development, Physical Development and Communication and Language. The four specific areas of learning are Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding of the World and Expressive Arts and Design. We place a great emphasis on the Prime areas as these give the children the skills they need to progress and succeed in all areas of life and education.

Parents are welcome to help us with our cooking, reading, in our library sessions, in the classroom and on our school trips. The Head Teacher holds a volunteer induction meeting at the beginning of the school year which volunteers must attend. All volunteers must have relevant checks to work in school, which we will help you with at the meeting. Please see the Volunteers in School page.

The children have book bags to carry their school books to and from school. They will bring home letters in this bag, so please check it and empty it every night. After you have read with your child, please ensure their books are put back safe in the book bag so they don’t get lost. Each child also has a ‘comment book’ in their book bag. We use these books to inform you about your child’s progress on a weekly basis and we welcome your own comments. We keep school as fun as possible with lots of opportunities for the children to re-enforce their learning through self-initiated and free choice activities, whilst also providing quiet areas for them to reflect on the day’s events. Our class role-play areas change on a regular basis to ensure the children are interested and motivated to learn. We encourage role play not just within the classroom but also outside, where the children often feel more in control of their learning.

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