Meet Honey the Therapy Dog

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Honey is our school certified therapy dog who works with the children. She is based in our Nursery with her owner and trainer Gemma Oktay (NNEB in the Nursery). Honey received her certification from Underdog International.

Honey works on a Monday and Wednesday and sees children throughout the school.

Honey is a Cavapoochon which is a cross between three breeds – a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, a Poodle and a Bichon Frise. Cavapoochon’s have curly hair, adorable puppy eyes and floppy ears, and a calm and loving temperament, making them an ideal therapy dog choice.

Therapy dogs have been found to reduce physiological symptoms of stress through lowering cortisol levels, increasing positive emotions, promoting engagement in learning activities and positive attitudes toward learning, reducing negative behaviours like task avoidance and aggression in the classroom, as well as encouraging prosocial behaviours and acting as a “social catalyst” to facilitate social interactions with others.

In addition, there is evidence indicating an association between well-being and learning outcomes. Children with higher levels of well-being learn more effectively, have lower levels of absenteeism at school, better academic engagement, and also have more satisfying and successful peer relationships. There is also an association between children’s well-being and reading outcomes.

Visit Honey’s Underdog International page here.

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