Learning at Rokesly

At Rokesly Every Child Matters in Every Way

Your child deserves the best.

At Rokesly we are passionate that children develop a life-long love of learning and we are looking forward to working in partnership with you.

Our community is warm and welcoming

Rokesly Infant and Nursery School is a dynamic place to learn. We value learning through experience, learning core ways that are memorable, and equipping your child with skills they can apply in all aspects of life. Learning is central to everything at Rokesly. 

Learning is fun and fascinating

Our curriculum motivates the children to ask questions, see connections between things and enables them to be self-reflective about the world around them. We want every child to leave the school gate with fond memories and an excitement for the journey ahead.

We celebrate the things that make us special

Rokesly is a school where every child feels proud of who they are and their own uniqueness. We celebrate our achievements together and believe that everyone should have the skills and knowledge they need to open any door and break down barriers to opportunity.

We challenge ourselves to go further

We celebrate progress and attainment at Rokesly and are proud of our high standards, but even more importantly, we nurture curiosity, determination, responsibility, kindness, inspiration and imagination. We want your child to develop the full range of skills they will need to be successful in our changing world.

Each day is an important one as they take their small steps towards big dreams

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Rokesly Infant and Nursery School,
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