School Vision and Priorities

Our School Vision is that at Rokesly…

Our community is warm and welcoming
Learning is fun and fascinating
We celebrate the things that make us special
We challenge ourselves to go further

At Rokesly Every Child Matters in Every Way

Your child deserves the best.
To get the best outcomes we must have the best systems and the best standards – measurable and accountable – to demonstrate excellence. We have ambitious expectations for all.

Achievement at Rokesly Infant and Nursery School

We are incredibly proud of the achievements of all our children at Rokesly.

Across our Reception classes last year 78% of Rokesly children achieved a Good Level of Development (Haringey 76% and National 72%) which is an indicator that children are successful in all areas of the curriculum and are ready to access the next stage of their learning.

Last year in Year 2 86% of Rokesly pupils achieved at or above age expectations in Reading (Haringey 77% and National 75%)

86% of Rokesly pupils achieved at or above expectations in Writing (Haringey 74% and National 70%)

81% of Rokesly pupils achieved at or above expectations in Maths
(Haringey 78% and National 76%)

92% of Rokesly pupils achieved the expected standard in Science
(Haringey 84% and National 83%)


School Improvement Priorities for 2022-23

This year, our school priorities focus on BELONGING and GROWING. It is vital for all our children to learn and develop the skills they need to be successful in the future.

Priority 1 2022-23:  Quality of Education

Our curriculum prepares all children for their next stage of learning

Our curriculum inspires and strengthens sense of self, community and place in the wider world

We improve outcomes for all children in maths

Priority 2 2022-23: Behaviour and Attitudes

Our children feel secure, confident and have a sense of purpose and belonging

Priority 3 2022-23: Personal Development

Rokesly children have opportunities and experiences beyond the National Curriculum that promote ambition and preparation for life beyond school

Priority 4 2022-23: Leadership and Management

All staff develop and support strategies to improve financial stability

All staff have opportunities to develop leadership skills through coaching, mentoring and professional development

Priority 5 2022-23: Early Years

The Little Wandle Letters and Sounds phonics scheme is implemented and children’s achievements are recorded and shared with parents using Tapestry

Rokesly Junior and Infant Joint Priorities

Every year we work together across both schools to identify opportunities to share outstanding practice, co-ordinate strategies for areas of school improvement and pool resources to ensure staff receive essential training

Joint Priority Action Plan – Improve outcomes for BAME children at Rokesly schools

Alongside our colleagues in other Haringey schools, we have signed and are dedicated to fulfilling the Haringey BAME achievement pledge to create equality of opportunity, challenge barriers to learning and fairness and improve outcomes for our BAME pupils:

“Every child and young person in Haringey matters. Every child and young person deserves the best life chances, especially when they face additional barriers due to ethnicity and disadvantage. It is everyone’s responsibility to make this a reality and create the equality of opportunity we want to see.”

Our school has committed to:

1. A champion for Black Caribbean and BAME on the Senior Leadership Team
2. A lead governor for Black Caribbean and BAME achievement
3. Completing a self evaluation and sharing the results with governors
4. Leaders to set stretching attainment targets, lead ‘difficult conversations’ and commit to a
whole school focus
5. Identifying Black Caribbean and BAME achievement in our School Improvement Plan, with regular progress updates and an annual report to governors
6. Releasing staff to attend and disseminate specific CPD
7. Supporting transition arrangements for vulnerable BAME young people
8. Engaging BAME parents’ views at school and providing positive parenting support

Through or meetings with our BAME parent group, we are working to make this improvement a reality for our children. We have completed a self-assessment and devised a school plan of action. We have also held a whole school BAME review in July 2021. The areas we have identified for our school improvement are:

Provide consistent response to reports of racist incidents in school

Ensure the curriculum and  resources reflect our diverse school community

Improve parental inclusion in wider school events and the wider school  community

We actively nurture links between our schools and other institutions and agencies, along with  involvement in projects that support us in improving outcomes for our BAME pupils

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