Pupil Voice and Wellbeing at Rokesly

We celebrate the things that make us special…

School Council

At Rokesly Infants and Nursery School we have an elected school council consisting of two councillors from each class. The children are given a big question to work on each year. They ask the opinions and ideas of their class to help work towards a solution to this question and to bring forward changes to their school at council meetings. School also councillors write to companies to help fund projects.


Junior School Buddies

These children To support all children transitioning to the Junior school year 5 children can apply to become playground buddies, sport ambassadors and reading buddies in the Infants school. This helps all children to make friends outside of their year group and means your child will already have older friends when they make their next steps to the Junior school.


YouChoose Assembly

YouChoose assembly is an opportunity for all children to choose assembly themes, that are led by members of the SLT. The children become the experts to facilitate an interactive assembly.


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